Services processing

Notarial and Legalisation Services Processing

  • We are required to retain copies of identification document(s), including passport biographical pages, and such other documents, or extracts thereof, in relation to Notarial services. 
  • For other services, we may be required to present identification copies to third parties in order to complete our service to you, including where a Consulate requires submission of such copies prior to lodging of documents for legalisation by the Consulate.
  • For each Notarial Act we maintain a Notarial Register for a time-period as required by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury (under Notarial Practice Rules) (see
  • In line with the data protection principle of data minimisation, we will not retain full copies of documents except in cases where we are required to do so (that is, where they are "public form" documents normally for use in civil jurisdictions) and we accordingly advise you that you should retain copies of your own originals. Processing

  • Services are provided as a processor , not as a controller.
  • the exception to the above is where we conduct marketing services for our B2B offering (to lawyers, notaries and other businesses - never to the general public).  In most cases we will only ever conduct processing for marketing where information is available on public lists (such as freely available via the Office of Faculties website) and only where our processing is carried out under our proportionate legitimate interests.

Notary, apostille and
consular legalisation services